Friday, April 22, 2011

~ Easter Postcards ~ Peeps ~ Photo Feature Friday @ A ROSY NOTE ~

I went to my favorite antique shop Whimsical Whites today
I purchased a few Antique Easter postcards and some peeps

I love antique postcards
Especially pretty Easter ones

I love the farmhouse feel of this Easter postcard

These daffodils were a gift from a sweet friend of mine
Thanks Marie ;)
Daffodils make wonderful Easter arrangements

To you and your "peeps" ;)


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Kate said...

Happy Easter Rachel

beautiful vignettes and your photography is always so lovely to look at. Love the peeps have a wonderful weekend


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Rachel ~
Those are just so sweet and
so Eastery ~ I love them all!!


Sunshine and Lavender said...

Gorgeous! I love the peeps.. they are so cute :) I am in love with yellow right now. The Daffodils are just so happy.

Fishtail Cottage said...

what a cute way to display those peeps! all your photo's are just so pretty!

Tricia said...

Hello Miss Rachel! I love those Easter cards, that first one is my favorite. Thanks for linking your pretty pictures to my party :)

Anonymous said...

I love vintage postcards! Very pretty! How nice to receive flowers from a friend. Very sweet!

Have a blessed and Happy Easter!

Whimsical Whites said...

It was fun to see you and Marie today. Thanks for all the kind things that you have said about our shop. Don't eat all those Peeps or you might get a belly-ache.
Hope that you receive a huge basket from Mr. Bunny.-Kathy and Kris-Whimsical Whites

Lara said...

Aren't old postcards so much fun? My fave antique store has an entire booth filled with them in plastic storage boxes labeled with subject. I like to sit at that booth & sift, sift through them. I seem to have a weakness for anything France, children, animals or holiday related. I esp. love the Victorian era ones. How sweet that you were drawn to the French hen ones. :) Your peeps that you have given the magic French Farmhouse 425 touch to look darling.. heck I'd even eat one & I don't eat peeps.. esp. the neon pink bunny ones.. eep! ;)

Roberta said...

Oh no, I forgot about my pretty vintage Easter postcards! I'll dig them out as soon as I get home from LA on Saturday morning. Thanks for the reminder Rachel and Happy Easter Day with your Lovies! xoRoberta

Heidi said...

I love vintage postcards also the illustrations are so beautiful. I love the sweet look peeps have! Sweet post.

Unknown said...

Those sweet little peeps are hard to resist, very cute!!
Have a wonderful Easter Holiday!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your flowers are so sweet in that pitcher. I am about ready to start gathering up some daffodils from my garden...they are sprouting up and blooming like crazy!

I love old postcard, too. How do you like to display them?

Wishing you a wonderful Easter!


Olive said...

I love PEEPS and how sweet those looked. Happy Easter Rachel. ♥O

michelle said...

Happy Easter to you Rachel! Your vignettes is beautiful, I love the little peeps all wrapped up and the daffodils are so pretty! I have some sitting on my counter from a friend as well. :) I love the smell when I walk in the room.

Hugs to you!!

Lissa said...

and happy easter to you! love those yellow chic peeps!

Tricia said...

Happy Easter to you as well Rachel! Love all of your goodies.

Laura Everyday Edits said...

Love the table. I'm your newest follower when I saw your blog title on another blog roll. Visiting from


p.s I love your photo images!

Atelier de Campagne said...

Beautiful postings and images!
Thank yoi for stopping by our blog and for your good wishes!

Trinidad and the Team Atelier