Monday, July 18, 2011

~ Claire's nook ~ Roses ~ A new favourite book ~

Hi friends
I wanted to share with you a few photos of Claire's little eating nook
We have an english bulldog that always seemed to find her bowls so we decided  she needed a new spot where he can't get to her food  ;)

Her perfect spot ended up being in our kitchen nook on top of our built in 1930s cabinet

And of course I had to get her some cute white cafe au lait bowls
I think she is very happy with her new nook  ;)

On another note,
I went to the market yesterday and bought some beautiful creamy white roses

I decided to put them in the same kitchen nook area
some roses in a galvanized bucket

I love how they look in my white enamel pitcher

Love roses and shells
Same creamy white palette

I was inspired to decorate with the muted creams and whites after reading this amazing new book by
Atlanta Bartlett

PALE & Interesting

the pages are full of inspiration and beauty

Even my favourite french alarm clock made an appearance
Same color and identical to my $5 find 
That made me happy ;)
You will LOVE this book
Have a wonderful week


Ido said...

Beautiful whites! I think I'm gonna have to get that book, thanks for sharing
Have a nice day

Bente said...

Hi. What a lucky cat. Beautiful photos. Love the white roses, both in zink and white.

Hugs Bente

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Thanks for sharing this Rachel~this book is saved in my cart but I haven't found it to look through before ordering yet. Your kitty is a charmer- love the new little spot!! Hugs, Courtney

Burlap Luxe said...

Your place of shelter is wonderful, soulfully calm!
Love what influences your look!

Will visit often!

Unknown said...

I will have to hunt that book down. Love the new bowls for Claire, hope you are good and having great day.


Unknown said...

Very pretty, Rachel! Claire is grateful, I'm sure. Atlanta Bartlett is such a fab designer.

Rozmeen said...

Hi sweet friend,

How are you?
Love your pictures!! Its so inviting so when can I come over for a cup of tea? :-)
Love the book too. I have it as well.Its gorgeous!

xoxox Rozmeen

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Lovely post,I so want that book..must get it this weekend!! x0

Kirsty Girl said...

Claire is stunning! Such a beauty. And so are the photos!


Love it Rachel! I bought my little Yorkie Bella 2 small glass sherbet dishes to feed and water her in my studio. We have to be cute, right? LOL! I've been wanting to peruse that book. Glad to hear you liked it.


blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Rachel,
That book looks like a must have!
Thank you so much for sharing...I
just love your table and the pitcher of roses. Your home is so lovely and Claire looks like the sweetest kitty!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Robynne's Nest said...

Your photos are gorgeous Rachel and would look very fitting in Atlanta's book. I have all four of her books and if you have a look on her website she showcases a number of properties which her and her hubby rent out as 'sets'....they are to die for! Lovely post. Robx

Bring Pretty Back said...

Rachel - Such a soft and pretty post! I NEED to get that book!
Have a PRETTY day!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I adore Claire! She has a nook fit
for a princess!

Flora Doora

Tricia said...

Lucky Claire, you've creating such a nice little area for her, Rachel. I've been wanting to get that book, it looks wonderful :)

Sweet Young Journey said...

How fun to spot your alarm clock in such a wonderful book! Your cat is adorable! We are currently considering adding a dog to our family. Lovely photos, Rachel!
hugs, Cheryl

michelle said...

Hi sweet friend! I adore Clair's nook! I have to do the same things with my kitties due to an always hungry little dog. :) Your roses are so pretty and look perfect on your table and that book! Oh, it looks wonderful, I can see why it is a favorite.
I hope your summer is going good!


Allison said...

Claire has a lovely little nook! She looks a lot like one of my cats, Emma. Your photos are beautiful, Rachel. That book has been on my wish list...hope to get it soon. It looks wonderful and full of inspiration. Hope you're having a good summer!

Jilly said...

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Jen at Little Cottage Chic said...

Such a beautiful blog Rachel! I'm adding you to my faves. Please stop by mine anytime, I'm brand new to blogging but am excited about being part of a such an amazingly talented group of people!