Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~ Priceless ~

( My grandmother and Santa Claus )

Hi friends
When I was going through some photos I found my favourite photo of my grandmother on Santa's lap
Isn't she darling?!

I love this photo and decided to put it on my inspiration board
My grandmother is so special to me.We have always been close and we are the best of friends
I took her to her first antiques fleamarket a few weeks ago! :)
(my beautiful grandmother at 2nd Saturdayz Fleamarket)

I love how my grandmother is looking up at Santa
~ Priceless ~

We are going to a Christmas tree lighting this weekend in a charming German town called Leavenworth,WA.
This is one of my familys favourite traditions.
Have a wonderful week and weekend everyone!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

~ A beautiful gift ~

(My inspiration board)

I was so surprised the other day when I recieved a beautiful gift from my sweet friend Tausha.
She sent me the new Rachel Ashwell 2012 calendar wrapped so pretty..
I admired it in Tausha's beautiful home.
Tausha's blog is  Simply Me
Tausha is so talented and I think she should be a stylist for Rachel Ashwell.
Or she should have her own book published with all of her stunning photos.
Thanks so much Tausha for your friendship and your kindness

I put the calendar on my inspiration board along with some favourite photos and bits and bobs.
Isn't it pretty?!
I marked my sons' birthdays with the gold push pins.

Have you started your Christmas decorating?
We've been busy here at 425 putting up our Christmas tree and decorations.
My sons always put up the ornaments on our tree.
I love the ones they made in school,those are my favourites.
This is truly my favourite time of year!
Have a wonderful week friends

Saturday, November 26, 2011

~ Ruffled Linens Stockings Winner!! ~

The winner of the Ruffled Linens Stockings Giveaway is:

(Using )
(Antique Chase)

Marcy from Antique Chase 
Congrats Marcy!!
Please email me with your info
I will get them mailed to you asap

Have you ever visited Marcy's blog?
Marcy is so sweet and has a beautiful home that has been featured as Cottage of the month at The Old Painted Cottage blog
The stockings will look so pretty in her home.
~ Have a wonderful weekend friends ~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

~ Thankful ~

(My Thankgiving Mantel)

I am so thankful for the blessings in my life
My husband

Thank you so much friends for all of your kind words this past year
I am thankful for all of the new lifelong friends and "soul sisters" I have met through blogging
You know who you are ....

I made a simple Thankgiving table setting with mercury glass candlesticks (Tausha, I copied your look and went back to Target to buy the gold ones too!! lol)
Scattered dried hydrangeas and put some sprigs in glass bottles
I used my ruffled linen Christmas tree skirt again as a tablecloth
Hopefully nobody spills cranberry sauce on it!

My mantel has more mercury glass and scattered dried hydrangeas
A string of  Christmas lights give such a warm glow

Have a beautiful day with family and friends

Monday, November 21, 2011

~ A Rosy Note Giveaway ~

Hi friends
I wanted to let all of you know about my friend Tricia's Giveaway at

Tricia and I became blogging friends when we both had just started blogging.
She is tuly one of the kindest bloggers around and is a very talented photographer.
You have to see her photography it is just beautiful.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!! :)

~ You still have time to enter the Ruffled Linens Giveaway! ~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

~ Ruffles and Roses ~ Christmas tree skirt ~

This morning on my way to Starbucks I stopped by my favourite flower stand  to buy some roses

When I got home I decided to put the roses in my antique french enamel bucket
I think it makes a wonderful centerpiece for my dining table.
I got inspired to create a tablesetting using my Ruffled Linens 72" Christmas tree skirt
It is huge and the attention to detail is amazing~Christiana is so talented.

I think it makes a beautiful table covering
I always try to use items in different ways than they were intended.
I just placed the enamel bucket right on top of the circular opening so you can't tell its a tree skirt.
The Ruffled Linens Christmas tree skirt is just too beautiful to not use year round

I have also used the Christmas tree skirt as an ottoman cover in my living room

(My Flora Doora, Thanks Jane! ) 

So far its been a wonderful start to my weekend...
Starbucks..beautiful roses and ruffles :)

( having fun photo editing with ,this is my favourite image)

Thanks so much friends for your sweet comments on my last post
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

~ Faded,tattered and worn ~

I recently inherited this antique rug that belonged to my great aunt Clara for many years.
 My great aunt used to have it on her buffet and not used as a rug.
I wanted to actually use it as a rug,so I washed it in my washing machine with a little bleach to lighten it a bit.(I know its probably not how you are supposed to wash these old rugs) lol.
I am so happy with how it turned out because we now use it in our entryway.
I love the soft faded blue colour

Faded,tattered and worn
And the fact that it has been in our family for years makes it even more special.
I started loving these old scatter rugs when I came across my friend Tausha's blog

(Tausha ~ Simply Me)
The photo above shows three of Tausha's scatter rugs in her living room.She has some really beautiful ones.
LOVE them!

Do you have a special item in your home that has been passed down to you?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!
Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post
It really means alot to me

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

~ Finds ~

Hi everyone
This past weekend my friend Tracie, my grandmother and I went to the 2nd Saturdayz Fleamarket
I only purchased a few items, but I love what I found.
I found this large arched wooden piece with antique wallpaper on it.

I'm not sure what I will do with it..but I loved it as soon as I saw it.
Maybe I will make it into a memo or photo board for my home office or kitchen.
What would you do with it??
I think the tattered edges and faded florals are beautiful and give it so much charm.

Right now its just sitting next to my mantel waiting to be used.

My other purchase was this antique petite round etched mirror.
I think it's so pretty and a perfect addition to my mirror collection.
The italian florentine box was a recent Ebay find

I've been collecting vintage italian florentine pieces and love the patina on this little box

My grandmother purchased this beautiful antique religious motto for my mom.
I wish it was mine! :)

I am still loving the antique wooden shoe rack that I bought from the Funky Junk Sisters event a few weeks ago.
I have filled it with favourite vintage finds,decor books and magazines.
I LOVE Rachel Ashwell's newest book, do you have it yet? It is beautiful!

I also want to let you know that my friend Tracie from Fishtail Cottage has amazing giveaways going on all month to celebrate her blogging Anniversary!You don't want to miss out! :)

                                         Fishtail Cottage One Year Giveaway's Celebration!
Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~ Favourites ~

Hi friends
I hope your week is going great so far
Here are some of my favourite blog photos from this year at 425

~ Some of my favourites ~

Have a wonderful week friends
And be sure to enter my Ruffled Linens Giveaway