Thursday, March 29, 2012

~ Inspirations ~

Hi friends..
This post is kind of a hodge podge of a few things...

I took a few photos this morning around my home. 
The photo above and below is from my inspiration board.
I love to fill it with bits and bobs and pretty things like millinery flowers,ribbons,photos and favourite images from magazines.

Some beautiful pink roses from a friend..thank you Kathy 

I'm still loving the Rachel Ashwell inspired console my friend Shane made for me.
Perfect for displaying favourite mirrors,candlesticks and home decor books..and of course roses! 

This morning was kind of dreary out so my photos aren't as bright and cheery as they usually are.
I don't mind dreary mornings though..perfect for a cup of coffee and blogging! :)

A new favourite (really big) mug from Target.
 I love the hobnail design.
(They also sell the matching bowls etc.,very cute and affordable)

 And lastly THANK YOU to my sweet friend Tausha for the beautiful white tole lamps.. I LOVE them!
They are perfect for my shabby pink lampshades.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

~ Pink Inspiration ~

Hi friends
I took a few photos today of my antique lampshades and millinery hat that I recently dyed with Rit dye.
I was inspired by my talented friend Tausha's blog Simply Me . Tausha uses Rit dye on alot of her linens and lampshades and they turn out so beautiful.

The antique lampshades were a drab cream colour before.
I think they're so much prettier in pink.

I bought some fresh flowers which just happen to be the same shade of lovely pink

~ Thanks for the inspiration Tausha ~

I just added a few vintage Shabby Chic items to my Etsy Shop today too..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

~ beautiful ~

Hi friends
I hope you're having a great week so far.
I recently purchased this antique ribbonwork piece from my favourite antique shop

I love the faded colours.
It's a bit tattered but so beautiful to me.

When I purchase pieces like this it makes me think of the person who made it many years ago.
I wonder what they originally made it for? A letter holder or a keepsake for something?I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to use it to hold all of the love letters,notes and cards I've received from my husband over the past 14 years.

I opened it up and used it as a little inspiration board to hold some favourite images and photos.

Yes I'm still loving my faded and wilting roses... 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

~ Rosary and Roses ~

Hi friends
I hope you're having a nice week so far.
When I was out and about yesterday I bought a few dozen roses.
Ok I admit it..actually I bought four dozen..yes I think I'm addicted. Lol.
I've been sick with a cold, so getting out and buying roses made me feel a little better.

I took a few photos this morning while the living room was filled with light.
I love the colour of these roses.
The other roses I bought are in my dining room.
Maybe I will share in another post.. or are you getting tired of my roses by now?

My little Claire had to stop and smell the roses..
I just love her..

I love taking photos of items on my chippy farm table..
it creates a neat backdrop I think.

My favourite Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Rosary

We purchased another chair over the weekend so now we have one on each side of the farm table.
It really helps to  balance the room.
(I love white easy to keep clean.)

~  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  ~