Sunday, April 10, 2011

~ Romantic Style ~

A few days ago I recieved this beautiful book Romantic Style in the mail
The homes are just absolutely beautiful
and I loved all of the gorgeous images and vignettes

I would definetely recommend this beautiful book to anyone who loves this style

But I am confused because I never ordered it
There was no note inside the package stating who it was from
If you sent me this beautiful book will you email me please,
I LOVE this book and I really want to thank whoever it was that sent it to me ;)

On another note: I took a few photos of some of my outdoor flowers

I love the pretty pinks and purples

It's starting to feel a little like Spring
Yet the rain won't go away here in Seattle
I hope you had a wonderful weekend friends

Romantic Style
Selina Lake & Sara Norrman


French said...

Hope you are well, Rachel, been thinking of you though things have been very busy here. I will track this book down, you should be on the cover, maybe that's why someone sent it to you..??! xxoo A

Anonymous said...

You lucky girl! Maybe you won a giveaway?

Or maybe it's a hint that they want your home in the book.... :)

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

The book looks lovely, Rachel. I've been tempted to get it one of these days. Someone must know what you like - I hope you find out who the generous friend is!
And your flowers look wonderful!
- Susan

Victoria said...

I wish I magically received a book like that in the mail!!! If it came through a company like Amazon or something they might tell you who sent it. It does look like a lovely book:)

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

How weird is that....nice but odd!! I want that book too,maybe it will show up at my door!!! x0xo

Unknown said...

Looks like a beautiful book indeed. You'll just have to go through and try to remember bloggers that you sent your address too. ;) What a thoughtful surprise!!!



What a sweet friend you have! I've been wondering if this book was as lovely as it looked.


sweetpea said...

wow aren't you the lucky one?



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise to receive in the mail!! Maybe it's from a secret admirer!

Unknown said...

WOW, that's pretty cool wonder who it's from??? love your flowers


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!

Great book and gift! Your house would fit right in :) Seriously...

Love the flowers and the numbered galvanized tub! Looks like Spring has hit Seattle. Beautiful!

I missed stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful week friend!

Allison said...

It looks like a beautiful book and what a wonderful surprise to find that in your mail! Your flowers are lovely, Rachel.

Heidi said...

I love love this's timeless!

michelle said...

How sweet of someone to sent that to you, it is beautiful and reminds me of your home. I love your pretty flowers outside, I can't wait to start planting. :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a nice surprise!!

That book is on my wish list...thanks for a great review!

Lynne said...

Rachel, I love the friendships that I have found through blogging. I think someone wanted to hug you back! :) I hope you solve the mystery!
{with love}

Lara said...

What a sweet surprise! I love that book! I have spent many a weekend sitting down at Barne's N' Noble pouring over the pictures. Great flower pictures. Glad to hear Spring has sprung over in Seattle for you. We were almost 80 degrees here in the Chicago 'burbs.. but now it is going back to the 50's. Sometimes it feels like we have the 4 seasons all in one day. Hope your week is wonderful!
:) Lara

Tricia said...

That looks like a beautiful book Rachel. It just seems so you :)

Your outdoor flowers look so pretty too. I can't wait to get some of my own!


Deborah said...

How beautiful is that rachel?!
That book looks so lovely...
Come on over and enter my giveaway if you'd like!
It was so good to drop by and visit your flower photos!

Deborah xoxo

Unknown said...

Nothing better than a good book!!! If your like me this book will give you hours, and hours of joy!
Have a great day!!!
Chris :o)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

It looks like an amazing book~ how incredibly sweet for someone to send it to you!! I have thought about purchasing that book myself! Congrats! Hugs, Courtney

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Oh sweet! A "surprise" hug in the mailbox!!
Your photos are beautiful!

Heaven's Walk said...

Somebody out there is a sweet friend, for sure, Rachel! :) What a wonderful surprise for you! And I must agree with Michelle. That book certainly reflects the beauty of your house!

May I ask what type of flowers are growing in that white urn? They're so pretty! :)

xoxo laurie

Sunshine and Lavender said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much for the follow, I LOVE the music on your blog... The picture of the lavender in the galvanized bucket is so pretty!

Have a wonderful week- I hope the Seattle weather cheers up for you :)
- Alison

I Dream Of said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for following! So nice to "meet" you. Where are you in Seattle? I'm just down the street from my favorite store for French vintage--Red Ticking. Hope you are enjoying all the spring blossoms in spite of the rain!

Elena @ white picket fence said...

So beautiful! I want to live in that book! Lovely to find your blog! xo, Elena

Faded Charm said...

Looks like a beautiful book. I am your newest follower and just recently stumbled across your blog....sure glad I did:)


Sherrie said...

This book is wonderful! What an amazing surprise!