Saturday, February 4, 2012

~ A Beautiful Day ~ The Velveteen Rabbit blog ~

Hi friends
It's such a beautiful sunny day today in Seattle
 so I took a few photos of the light streaming in my living room.

It feels like Spring

Light and bright...

I may just spend some time on my cozy white sofa and read some decor books...
actually I've been busy organizing and cleaning..
"Spring" cleaning!

Such a beautiful day and I am so thankful for it...
Today I met Jessica who has the blog The Velveteen Rabbit
The beautiful shabby green dresser is going to Jessica's darling home.
Jessica is going to use it in her daughters' room.

I love meeting fellow bloggers and readers of my blog.
We chatted a bit and realized we have so much in common.
We shared a good laugh when our husbands were talking to eachother about how they miss their leather sofas and more "manly" decor! Lol.
Our husbands are so understanding about our love for "shabby chic" and white.  :)

(Jessica and her daughter Maci)

Jessica's precious little 5 yr old girl Maci is fighting cancer.
HERE is the link about Maci and her story. 
~ Please keep her in your prayers ~

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!


Fresh Vanilla For C said...

hi Rachel~~ Everything looks gorgeous as always!! Enjoy your sunny day:))

It's me said...

Love your home Rachel.....oh spring ?? it is here in Holland verry cold.....and lots of is freezing - 22 degrees now !!...kappy

jessica said...

Rachel!! It was so nice to meet you and your husband! Thank you so much again for letting the dresser come home with us!! Days like today, I don't feel sad about living in WA!! {I don't really ever feel that way..there's just something about that sunshine!} You have such a beautiful home! Thanks again!! :)

miss flibbertigibbet said...

So beautiful always. The light there is amazing! Thanks for sharing about Jessica and her beautiful daughter....prayers to them...

chateau chic said...

I like some of the changes you've made in your living room. Always a good feel to freshen things up!
Mary Alice

Bente said...

Oh, you have such a beautiful home.
I had to smile when I read about our husbands who have to live in our romantic, shabby decorations. My husband would like to live with black and steel, but sorry, no way.

Have a nice sunday

Hugs Bente

Seawashed said...

Your home is so pretty. I love all the white and how uncluttered it is. I know mine will look similar when it no longer has carpet. Wood(actually we will be putting in whitewashed pergo) gives the rooms that bare feeling I am so fond of. Your home inspires me. I notice all the rachel ashwell touches too...and love so much!

mary pernula said...

I enjoyed the day here in Gig Harbor, it appears it got to 63 degrees today. Hugs Mary

Ivy and Elephants said...

You are soooooo right it really does look like Spring. Everything is fabulous!


Deserae said...

Your living room is just gorgeous!!! I am so very ready for spring :o)

PS. I am your newest follower :o)

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Thank you all so much!! xoxo

NanaDiana said...

Rachel- How awful about your friend's daughter. I am headed over there. Your home is beautiful...xo Diana

Anonymous said...

You have a beutiful home! Sunshine I think I havr forgotten what that looks like here! Traci

Lynne said...

Hi Rachel!
Today was BEAUTIFUL!
Your sunlit rooms are stunning!
I have been following Jessica and Maci since early Fall. I am so pleased that your dresser is going to a good home!


Hi Rachel. I am so glad I popped onto my reading list today and saw your post. I just messaged Jessica since we have the unfortunate connection of children with leukemia. Sounds like they are in good spirits but I wanted to give her the perspective of someone who has walked through the fire and come out the other side alright. Your home looks beautiful. Wow! Spring cleaning???? Guess that's one advantage of living in WA instead of CO. LOL! Can't complain, we've had SUCH mild weather this winter.


Shabby soul said...

Your living is simply STUNNING darling Rachel, easch time I stop here I dream!
Oh, so you have Spring now? It's funny, me are completly submerged by snow!
Have a nice sunday

Hvidt, slidt & patina said...

Hello..You have a lovely blog, and a gorgeous home..Have a nice day..From Camilla in Denmark

Evi said...

your home is so pretty and peaceful.
I am also getting the house spring-ready, but I think your weather is better suited to it. I am not complaining though, we could have feet of snow like last year.
I will say a prayer for that sweet little girl. No child should have to go through this.
Have a wonderful, spring-like week.

Tricia said...

Everything looks as beautiful as always, Rachel. Did you just get that blue table? I don't remember seeing it before or maybe it just looks bluer than usual with all that nice bright light.

Oh, that's so great that Jessica bought your dresser. She is such a sweet person. Her and I have visited each others blogs for awhile now.

Hope you have a good week ♥

summersoul said...

I will keep maci in my prayers. Headed to her blog now. Hope you had a great weekend Rachel.

Passionate for White said...

Your home would look and feel like Spring in the dead of Winter! :) So very pretty!

savvycityfarmer said...

You must savour the sun in Seattle!!

can't wait to visit your friend ... what a brave woman she is

Jenah Martin said...

Hi Rachel,
Just wanted to say you have the most beautiful living room; it's so soothing; would you mind sharing your wall paint color? My walls are green but I'm thinking of going white and I'm having a hard time finding a good shade.
Gorgeous home,
take care, Jenah xo

heleegreen said...

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